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How to make a short film

Short Film: Short films are generally the most entertaining things to watch. People show much interest to watch short films. These days the content and quality of short films have been increased a lot. These short films can be of any type like for example they may be horror, romantic, action or etc. The duration of short films generally lasts from 30 seconds to 50 minutes.  Making of short gives the experience to make movies.

How to make the best short film?

Here are a few things you need to know before making a short film.

  • A camera: Firstly, you need a good camera. It is not necessary that you need a DSLR to make a short film. But you always need a good quality camera to capture film. Nowadays mobile cameras are also available with a high resolution you may record your picture using them also. Make sure that you use a high-resolution camera.
  • A computer with proper editing software: Next thing you need is a computer with proper editing software. Editing plays a key role in the making of any short film. Nowadays you can easily get editing software from the play store. All you need to do is to select a proper editing tool. Without proper editing, it is highly impossible to reach the audience with your short film.
  • Content: Content plays a very important role. The content may be your idea or maybe others but all you need is that your content must entertain the audience.
  • Actors: The selection of actors is very important. It is not necessary that you choose stars for your film, what is important is you need to choose a perfect person for the character.

Pre- Production work

How to make a short film - Pre Production

You can’t make a film just like that. Before starting to shoot you need to do some Pre-production work like selecting location, proper schedule planning, changes in the script, if necessary, etc.

  • Be prepared with the proper script: Any film is generally divided into three parts. A beginning, middle part, proper conclusion. Before going to start a film make a proper script by keeping in mind these three parts.
  • Streamline: Don’t get confused with too many ideas. Pic a single idea and work on it properly. Give improvements to that single idea.
  • Don’t take unnecessary burden: Keep your locations, actors minimal so that you don’t need to take overburden.
  • Polish your script: As we discussed before it is preferable to take a single idea and give polish to that idea for better results.
  • Try to visualize your idea: Before starting of shoot try to visualize your script so that you may get a proper idea of how to make a film.
  • Plan your schedule properly: Plan your shooting schedule properly it will help you a lot while the time of the shooting.
  • Selection of location: As the majority of short films are made with a low budget, you need to select proper locations keeping in mind your budget and time.

 Cast and crew:

How to make a short film - Cast and Crew

Before selecting the cast first select crew members. Crew members include producer, assistant director, cameraman, cinematographer, editor, sound technician, etc. Select the best crew members so that your final output will be impressive when it reaches the audience. According to your budget, you may hire professionals in your team. As soon as you selected the crew gives a casting call. Conduct auditions for the selection of actors/actresses. Try to make your short film with a limited number of actors then you can work will be easier and it will also be budget-friendly. If possible, try to include your friends or family members in your cast it is the more economical way to get your work done.

Time management:

Almost every film will take a longer time than you planned. So, it is better if you manage your time properly and do fewer mistakes.

Create a storyboard:

The storyboard helps you in visualizing your film. It is like an outline of what you are going to tell. A film is nothing but telling stories in the form of pictures. A storyboard helps you making shot-by-short properly. No need to worry if you are not an artist, instead of pictures you can use stickers to tell actors about what you are expecting from the next scene.

Make your script short:

As you are thinking to do a short film it is suggestible to make your script short that is for about 7 to 8 pages. While making the script thinks about the target audience your aim is to satisfy them and make them understand what you are trying to express with your short film.


How to make a short film - Shooting

Once you are done with all the above things then you can start your shooting.

Getting permission: Before the start of shooting get all the permissions required. Take permission from the local authorities. Get permission from the owner of the location to film in that place. These things are very necessary to do before starting shooting.

On the day of shooting:

  • Reach your shooting location before time. It will help you to adapt to that place and work easily.
  • Make a rehearsal of the scene that you are going to shoot. Doing rehearsal helps in remembering dialogs properly and act effectively.
  • Prepare a schedule for the day. It will help you in organizing your day more effectively.
  • Take some extra shorts in every angle.
  • Costume and make-up also play an important role in elevating the scene. So wear a dress based on the situation in the film and do proper makeup and hairstyle.
  • Focus on proper visuals. Choose a location that is visually impressive and focus of light is also important.

 Postproduction works:

Postproduction work means the work that should be done after completing of shooting. Postproduction works play an important role in proper output. Postproduction work includes editing, sound effects, adding music, etc.


How to make a short film - Editing

Editing is one of the most important parts of the making of the film. Without editing, the audience would be unable to understand the rough cut of the film. For editing, you need a computer with proper editing software. Editors add sound effects, visual effects. These things help in improvising the scene. If the film is dragged, then editors cut some scenes to reduce the length. Postproduction work is not that easy as it seems it requires a lot of affords. Once you finish your editing check the film again and do a re-edit if required for better output

Thank your cast and crew

After completing filming and postproduction works thank all the cast and crew members who worked on your film. If someone is unavailable on that day make sure that you wish them personally. These kinds of things will show your gratitude towards them.

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