The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 New episodes are super

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The Legend of Hanuman Season 2: The Legend of Hanuman is back with season 2. It is an Indian mythological animation series. It is streaming exclusively on Disney + Hot Star. The viewers are very excited about this drama. Makers are back with some more exciting chapters in the life of hanuman. This animated series is narrated by Actor Sharad Kelkar. The actor said that views used to get some life lessons with the story. The Legend of Hanuman is the story between Good and Bad, Evil and God.


We can get to see a war between two people one is Lord Hanuman from the Good side with Ravan on the Evil side. Since mythology has become a part of our lives for years the stories based on these mythologies will be a big hit in our countries. That’s why the franchise is also focusing on these kinds of stories. Lord Hanuman is the faith and humble devote of God Rama. In the story Ravana kidnaps Devi Sitha the wife of Sree Ram, Lord Hanuman helps Rama in finding Sitha to bring her back.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 2

the legend of hanuman season 2

the legend of hanuman season 2

Why Should You need to watch The Legend of Hanuman?

The first reason is Story narration. Actor Sharad Kelkar narrated the story takes you to the next level. We will involve ourselves in the story. The first season set a benchmark in Indian movie animation history. The second season in the series reached those expectations. It is completely a family entertainer. It will attract everyone irrespective of their ages.

It is like an eye feast for the audience to watch this movie. The audience can get to see this movie in high-quality resolution. The movie-making, Animation, and detailed Picturization of every character take this movie to another level. Every frame of the picture is screened with high technical aspects. With this movie, Indian animated films created a Benchmark. It is a movie that everyone must watch.

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