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Jio Rockers Telugu website

Jio Rockers Telugu website is a torrent site that illegally releases Telugu and Tamil movies for free, and it is banned in India. Jio rockers provide viewers with a variety of movie categories that can be downloaded in HD resolution and all file formats. Downloading movies from the Jio Rockers Telugu website is not restricted.

Jio Rockers Website Application Details

APP Info Jio Rockers website
Name Jio Rockers Telugu app
Category Entertainment
Version 3.5
Size 20 MB
Android Version Android 6.0 +
Last Updated Dec 2022
Downloads 6,00,000 +


Many people are looking for Latest Telugu HD Movies to watch movies with Family members, instead of buying Movie Tickets at high prices and going to a theater, people are highly dependent on Torrent websites like the Jio rockers Tamil and Telugu websites

What is Jio Rockers website

Jio rockers Telugu website

Jio Rockers Tamil website offers its users HD and high-quality HD movie content. The initial quality of the download movie is between 360P and 720P. A few days later, HD-quality Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, English, and Tamil movies were uploaded to the site.

The entire content on the Jiorockers is pirated. As previously stated, utilizing torrent websites is illegal, as these third-party websites may steal your data.

The Jio Rockers website releases the most recent films from the South Indian, Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood, and other film industries. Jio Rockers Telugu movies site has multiple domains for leaking movies and every time the website is stopped by the government and it creates a new domain and starts leaking the movies online

How to download Telugu movies on the Jio Rockers Telugu website?

if you want to know how to download Telugu movies on the Jio Rockers Telugu website, then you are on the right website, in this article crazy movie updates team explains to you how to download a movie from the Jio Rockers Telugu website for free

  • Open Google Chrome in your system and type Jio Rockers Telugu and click on the search button
  • you may see a list of website results related to the Jio Rockers website, now select the first website ( jiorockers com)
  • once you click on that you may redirect to the Jio Rockers Tamil or Telugu website homepage
  • now select the movie you want to watch or download
  • if you have not found the movie that you want to watch on the Jio Rockers Telugu website homepage then enter the movie name in the search bar and click on the search button
  • Now you can see the Movie Poster that you have searched in the search bar and below you can find the download movie links or watch a movie online links
  • Now Choose the Movie Resolution or Quality that you want to download
  • That’s all your movie will start downloading in a couple of minutes

Point to be noted: Keep in mind that downloading movies from the jio rockers telugu movies download website is not at all safe and also our Indian government has banned this kind of site.

According to the Copyright Act 1957, a person who violates the Act by watching, downloading, or duplicating copyrighted content shall be liable to a fine of up to Rs. 3 lakhs or imprisonment for 3 years. so hence ( Crazy Movie Updates ) we suggest you not use these websites

Jio Rockers 2023 New Link

As we all know the Jio Rockers Telugu movie downloading website is a kind of piracy site that doesn’t have permanent site address links. The Indian government has recently blocked some piracy website links throughout India, and the Jio Rockers Telugu website is also on the blocked list

  1. Telugu
  2. jiorockers com
  3. Jiorockers. in
  4. jio rockers com
  5. Jiorockers. XYZ
  7. jiorockers.wap

Advantages of Jio Rockers Tamil website

One of the best features of Jio Rockers Telugu movies website is that it provides each user with two options: streaming or downloading. This means you can watch the movie online for free whenever you want. and also you can download the movies from the Jio Rockers website.

Are Dubbing Movies available on the Jio Rockers Telugu website?

The Jiorockers Telugu 2023 website also offers Telugu dubbing movies, Hindi dubbing movies, Kannada dubbing movies, Tamil dubbing movies, and English dubbing movies on its website

How does the Jiorockers website work?

There are several websites for Jiorockers that illegally post movies and other free stuff. These websites are managed from an unknown place by an anonymous group of persons with a secret identity. To draw more attention from viewers it uploads all types of movies.

Jiorockers websites publish popular content first and then upload all content. Every page of this Jiorockers Tamil and Telugu website has a large number of advertisements.

The government of India has taken special measures to prevent movie piracy and also started special campaigns to save cinema Under the Cinematograph Act of 2010 People who sell pirated files on unauthorized websites can also face jail and be punishable.

Why do people choose Torrent websites like Jio rockers com to watch the Latest movies?

We all know how much the price of a movie ticket has gone up today, it costs a lot for a common man to watch a movie with his family, so that’s why most of people are depending on Torrent websites to watch or download movies from Jio rockers Kannada website

The Major success of these websites can be linked to various factors. Furthermore, the newly launched Jio rockers 2022 provides free dubbed Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies in HD quality and more over this website is famous for Jio rockers Telugu dubbed movies and you can watch these dubbed movies for free of cost

Is the content available on the Jiorockers website free for everyone?

Yes, all content provided on the Jiorockers Telugu website is free. The website earns money through advertisements within the content. If you want to get rid of ads, download movies from anywhere and watch them offline.

Is it safe and legal to watch the latest Tamil films on the Jio rockers Tamil website?

Under the Piracy Act, using this website is entirely prohibited. There are a lot of hackers behind this website that might hack your device. This indicates that the data on your device is not secure. In other words, you better to avoid such Jio rockers Tamil website,

The alternative site to Jio Rockers website ( Illegal )

Here in below, we have listed a few Torrent websites which are similar to the Jio rockers website but keep in mind that these websites come under illegal websites

The alternative site to Jiorockers website ( legal )

Here below we are listing a few websites that are similar to Jio rockers websites, and these websites come under Legal website, where you can find movies and TV shows on their respected OTT sites

Latest Telugu Movies Leaked on Jio rockers Telugu website

Jio rockers Kannada website offers free movies from various Indian film studios. It is a popular website since it offers a large selection of horror, comedy, action, suspense, and drama movies.

Jiorockers offers a vast selection of movies, the latest movies on the Jiorockers website are Liger, KGF 2, Bimbisara, Karthikeya 2, and more films that come within this category.

Jio Rockers Telugu Movies 2022

Sl. No Jio Rockers Telugu Movies 2022
1 Liger
2 Tamil Rockerz
3 Wanted PanduGod
4 High way
5 Thiru
6 Hello world
7 Karthikeya 2
8 Bimbisara
9 Sita Ramam
10 Thank You Movie
11 The Warrior
12 Pakka Commercial
13 Happy Birthday Movie
14 Godse movie
15 Virata Parvam
16 Ante sundaraniki
17 Major
18 F3: Fun and Frustration
19 Sarkaru Vaari Paata
20 Ashoka Vanamlo lo Arjuna Kalyanam
21 Jayamma panchyathi
22 Acharya
23 Ghani
24 Mishan Impossible
25 RRR
26 Clap
27 Radhe Shyam
28 Bheemla Nayak
29 Khiladi
30 Gamanam


Best Telugu Horror Movies to watch on the Jio rockers website

Sl. No Jio Rockers Telugu Horror Movies list
1 Bhayam Bhayam
2 Bhaagamathie
3 Aval
4 Arundhati
5 Nagavalli
6 Mayuri
7 Prema Katha Chitram
8 Devil
9 Avanthika
10 Chikati Gadhillo Chitakotudu
11 Raju Gaari Gadhi
12 Poga
13 Aa Intlo
14 Deyyam
15 Avunu
16 O Sthree Repu Raa
17 Raksha
18 Nayaki
19 Moksha
20 Control C
21 Ice Cream
22 Chitrangada
23 Anando Brahma
24 Tripura
25 A Film by Aravind


Final Note: Stop Piracy Save Cinema


Crazy movie updates like to let you know that we have no intentions to promote the Jio rockers Telugu website. We urge everyone to be aware of the Jiorockers. in pirate websites. We advise against using this harmful and unlawful website.

However, we suggest you watch films on big screens or authorized platforms like Youtube, Hot Star, Amazon Prime Video, etc.


Q. Is it legal to download movies from Jio Rockers Website?

A. No its 100 % Illegal to download movies from the Jio Rockers website, because this website uploads movies illegally

Q. What movie Sizes are available on the Jio rockers 2023 website?

A. On the Jio rockers website you may get movies in 300 MB Movies, 500 MB Movies, 700 MB Movies, 850 MB Movies, 900 MB Movies, 2GB Movies, 4GB Movies

Q. Is the Jio rockers website safe?

A. No it’s not safe at all, as we stated in the above content, the jio rockers website is a Torrent website it uploads content illegally on their sites, so it’s not at all safe to use jio rockers website, and also there is a chance stole our information

Q. How to download Telugu movies in Jio rockers

A. Visit jiorockers website and now search for the movie you want to download and finally click on download button.

Q. how to download Jio rocker Tamil movies for Free

A. Go to Jiorockers and select Tamil movies as your category; now you can view Tamil movies. Please select the movie you would like to watch and click the download button.

This is the Complete article about the Jiorockers website, This whole Jio rockers Telugu website article is just to provide the basic information to our users, and also crazy Movie Updates website is not encouraging the Pirated websites

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