Ugram Telugu movie Review With Rating – [ Hit or Flop ]

Ugram Telugu Movie Review

Ugram Telugu movie review: Actor Allari Naresh and director Vijay Kanakamedala are back with an action thriller movie Ugram. The Shine Screens production company bankrolled the film. Will Vijay and Naresh be able to recreate their Naandhi magic? Let us see how the film was in the Ugram Telugu movie review.

Ugram Movie Story:

Siva Kumar (Naresh) is an honest police officer in Warangal City. One day he falls in love with Aparna (Mirnaa Menon). Both of them get married, and Aparna has a girl. Siva is later posted to Hyderabad.

The family’s five years of married life will be destroyed by an accident, which causes Shiva to lose his memory and his wife and daughter to disappear. The main plot of the narrative is how Shiva unravels the riddle and punishes the culprits.

Let’s get into the Ugram movie rating analysis!

Ugram Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Ugram (2023)
Rating 2.75/5
Genre Action, Drama
Release Date 5th, May 2023
Director Vijay Kanakamedala
Main Lead Actors Allari Naresh, Mirnaa Menon, Indraja, and Many others
Cinematography Siddharth J
Editor Chota K Prasad
Producers Sahu Garapati & Harish Peddi
Music Director Sri Charan Pakala
Language Telugu

Ugram Movie Plus Points

The Ugram movie has an exciting beginning. The succeeding sequences were equally expertly performed, giving the viewer the sense that they were seeing a quality movie.

BGM in the film is impressive.

There is a lot of action in the movie. Intense acting in the movie does succeed.

The family drama is well-done, while on the other hand, the protagonist’s personality is effectively highlighted.

It’s an excellent idea that the conflict has been declared without delay. Director Vijay Kanakamedala of Naandhi adheres strictly to the plot he has selected. He presented Naresh as a fierce and strong police officer by playing to his strengths.

Ugram Movie Minus Points

The second half introduces fresh individuals with surprising motivations. What works against Ugram is the emotional distance.

Too much cinematic freedom is followed with an old-school child-feeling tune that tries your tolerance. Particularly after the home arrest, CI disengages the thinking brain by traveling free in the guise of investigation. The movie doesn’t fully satisfy the conclusion.

The second half’s tempo gets disrupted by a song that enters suddenly. The primary justification for kidnapping is a major letdown because it has been used in several movies.

The conclusion significantly lessens the impact, and the villain’s persona is badly constructed.

On Screen Performances

In the film Ugram, Naresh played an angry and bold role. He played a different role here, and he did it effectively. His feelings are well portrayed.

Mirna Menon is OK in place. She has a restricted screen space. Kid Ooha is brilliant in her role. Her sweet words and facial expressions accomplished the purpose.

Indraja had a crucial part as a doctor in the movie, however, occasionally her parts interfered with the storyline. Other people with significant roles include Sharath Lohitashwa, Naga Mahesh, Kaushik Mahata, Shatru, Sreenivasa Sayee, Ramesh Reddy, and Manikanta Varanasi.

Technical Aspects

Toom Venkat attempted to emphasize a fascinating element in Ugram’s tale. Although the idea is intriguing and seems nice when spoken, it would be quite challenging to create a full movie on it.

The way Vijay Kanakamedala handled the narrative was entirely captivating. The suspense element is handled rather well. He managed the first half very well, but he started to lose control in the second half.

Sri Charan Pakala, the musician, performed a terrific job. He has a strong foundation and a few good tunes. It is one of the additional plus points while talking about the Ugram Telugu movie review.

The fair cinematography by Siddharth and his gloomy frames fit the mood of the movie. The editing is merely adequate. The quality of the production is good. Dialogue may have been improved.


Closing words about the Ugram Telugu movie review is, the film is a mystery-thriller with an intriguing plot and solid structure, but it generally lacks execution. There were a few effective passages, but occasionally the flow was ruined by pointless commercial elements. It’s a one-time watchable movie.

Ugram Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.75/5

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