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Vidudala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review: Gripping Cop Story

Vidudala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review

Vidudala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review: Vetrimaaran is a well-known Tamil film director, and his most recent film, Viduthalai Part 1, has been dubbed into Telugu as “Vidudala Part 1.” The film is a historical drama based on Jeyamohan’s short tale Thunaivan. Let’s analyze the film in the Vidudala Part 1 Telugu movie review!

Vidudala Part 1 Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Vidudala (2023)
Rating 3/5
Genre Action Entertainer
Release Date 15th, April 2023
Director Vetrimaaran
Main Lead Actors Vijay Sethupathi, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Soori, Bhavani Sre, Chetan, Ilavarasu, Balaji Sakthivel, Tamizh, and many others
Cinematography R Velraj
Editor R Ramar
Producers Elred Kumar
Music Director Ilaiyaraaja
Language Telugu

Vidudala Part 1 Movie Story:

The film Vidudala is about human values, police violence, and injustice. Ragavender (Chetan) punishes new recruit Constable Kumaresan (Soori) for disobeying his instructions while rescuing needy people.

The Special Task Force is established to bring down Perumal (Vijay Sethupathi), the head of Praja Dalam, who opposes the government’s intention to mine the highlands for precious minerals. Kumaresan finds Perumal’s whereabouts and calls the police’s brutal practices into question.

Paapa (Bhavani Sre) falls in love with Kumaresh, prompting him to challenge the cruel practices of the police. Now let’s get into the Vidudala Part 1 movie rating analysis.

Artistic Performances

In this film, Soori, who is most known for his humorous performances in Tamil films, impresses as a sincere constable. In actuality, he lived in the role, and viewers are immediately drawn to him because of his expressions, emotions, body language, and sentence delivery.

Vijay Sethupathi creates an impression with his understated entrance; he does not feature in much of the film, but his tale may be expanded upon in the sequel, and he still has his mass moments. Bhavani Sri is cast as a country girl. She is content with what she has been given.

Rajiv Menon and Gautam Menon demonstrated the authority expected of government employees.

Vidudala Part 1 Movie Plus Points

Vetrimaaran and his films have their own fan base. In Vidudala Part 1, he discusses the police and their treatment of commoners and demonstrates how police officers handle the general populace.

By recounting the narrative from the perspective of a constable, the opening portion of this story creates an appropriate character arc for the protagonist. The film catches us from the start with a railway derailment, and Vetri Maaran makes his mark by building the drama with a documentary approach.

Vetrimaaran pulled the most out of Soori and Bhavani Sre, but Vijay Sethupathi’s lack of screen presence may disappoint his admirers.

The dubbing is excellent. The 4-minute single-shot sequence at the start, as well as the violent climax segment, are both worth viewings.

Vetrimaaran’s writing and directing attempted to make the plot more dramatic and hard-hitting. They are the plus points while discussing the Vidudala Part 1 Telugu movie review.

Vidudala Part 1 Movie Minus Points

The majority of the scenes are extended by lengthy talks. They cause needless slowness and, as a result, boredom.

A segment of the audience may be disturbed by the abundance of violence and nudity, particularly in the second half.

As previously said, Vetrimaaran is recognized for his rawness and hard-hitting material. Vidudhala is no exception, as the story is peppered with a few such graphic situations that will make you cringe.

However, one important aspect of the film to consider is its politics. The film will not retain your attention if you are not interested in them.

Technical Aspects

Coming to technicalities in the Vidudala Part 1 Telugu movie review, director Vetrimaaran is lauded for portraying situations on the screen in a naturalistic manner. R Velraj, the director of photography, exhibits his abilities in aerial and extreme wide-angle views.

Ilaiyaraaja’s background score is vibrant. The editing might have been improved, but the production qualities are adequate. The camera work is excellent, especially the drone pictures of the forest.


Vidudala Part 1 is a genuine period cop drama with several well-executed scenes. The film has both gritty and compelling moments as well as some violent sequences that are difficult to see. It is a film for individuals who enjoy realistic dramas.

Vidudala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 3/5

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